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Over 100 years
of delicious HERITAGE

Since its launch in 1908, the renowned Lingham’s chilli sauce recipe has remained unchanged. Lingham’s continues to be a much loved global brand, that includes 6 delicious flavours and is sold in over 27 countries.

The award winning chilli sauce is made with all natural ingredients and instantly adds a unique combination of sweet and spicy flavours to your recipes.

Where it all began:

The story of Lingham’s chilli sauce began in 1908, in the nostalgic setting of Butterworth in Penang, Malaysia. The original creator, Mr Lingam who was of Indian descent came to Malaysia to pursue his own business venture.

Missing the flavours from back home, he crafted an all-natural chilli sauce using only four ingredients which combined an exquisite taste of sweet and spicy flavours. This became extremely popular and a firm favourite amongst his consumers, the British Colonial expatriates in Penang at the time. Recognising the potential for his product, he began selling Lingham’s chilli sauces from the docks which rapidly became a much loved household brand.

It is believed that Mr Lingam sought the advice of a British expatriate with regards to product branding, as the British gentleman pronounced it as “Lingham” as in Nottingham or Billingham. And the rest, as they say, is history.


After the Second World War, Mr Lingam sold his business and returned to India. A Chinese gentleman by the name of Ooi Choo Hong who was Chief Clerk for Henry Waugh & Co. Ltd, a British trading house, bought the business from Mr Lingam.


In 1972, during her visit to Malaysia, HRH Queen Elizabeth graced a trade show in Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang on 8th March where Lingham’s had a stall. She was presented with a wooden crafted box containing bottles of Lingham’s chilli sauce. After her return to the UK, a letter of appreciation was sent to Lingham’s from Buckingham Palace. That was a magnificent moment for Lingham’s!


The distinct taste of Lingham’s has not changed in over 100 years and still continues to deliver a flavoursome taste experience, with its unique secret recipe. In fact, the original recipe was passed down verbally and then wax-sealed and labelled ‘Not to be opened’ on 2nd March, 1973.


Lingham’s won the Great Taste Gold Award 2011.


Lingham & Sons (M) Sdn Bhd was taken over by its current owners Yeoh Jin Beng and Yeoh Jin Hoe in April 2012.

2012 also marked HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. To honour the occasion, Lingham’s sent a custom-made box containing Lingham’s chilli sauces. Lingham’s later received a letter of thanks, in which the Queen fondly remembered her visit to Dewan Sri Pinang in 1972 and was pleased to know the tradition of providing the chilli sauce to the British Armed Forces still continued.

In September, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were gifted with Lingham’s in a special encased wooden box during their visit to Malaysia. They too sent a letter of appreciation and complimented Lingham’s great taste!


Over the years, Lingham’s have received multi accolades, as well as letters of gratitude from consumers around the world. The established global brand has gone from strength to strength and is now sold in over 27 countries worldwide, offering its consumers a versatile, unique and delicious chilli sauce.


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